Procedures, Hearing Dates and Suspensions
All misconducts will be dealt with by Discipline by Review, where permitted under OSA Policies on Discipline.

Discipline decisions made under the Discipline by Review System may not be appealed.

An accused who is subject to Discipline by Review has the right to be disciplined by Discipline by Hearing by submitting a request and a $100.00 hearing fee, within three (3) days of receiving a dismissal, to Players Paradise office (565 Seaman St, Stoney Creek) or by email to info@playersparadisesoccer.com.

For all misconducts where Discipline by Hearing is required, the accused will be notified by phone or email and must appear at the next scheduled Discipline Hearing. Failure to appear at a Discipline Hearing, when
required to do so, will result in an individual accused being suspended from all soccer activities. Soccer activities include: playing, practicing, coaching, managing, administrating, officiating, or any game-related activities
(other than spectating).

If an accused wishes to request another hearing after failing to attend when required to do so, he/she must submit a request to Players Paradise office or by email to info@playersparadisesoccer.com with a $100.00 non-refundable fee.

Any party required to attend a hearing may request one (1) postponement of a hearing. The party must submit a request to Players Paradise office or by email to info@playersparadisesoccer.com with a $100.00 fee, no later than four (4) days prior to the date of that hearing, stating the reason for requesting the postponement. Should the request be denied, the fee shall be refunded. No fee is payable by the person(s) who filed the misconduct report(s) on which the charge(s) is/are based.

An accused has the right to bring witnesses, an advisor and observers to any Discipline Hearing as published in OSA Policies on Discipline. An accused under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at the hearing.

Witnesses are entitled to attend but they must appear in person. (written reports by witness are not acceptable). Parties are responsible for having witness attend a hearing.

An accused has the right to request and receive a copy of the referee report at least 30 minutes prior to the hearing.

All suspensions will start the Monday following the scheduled review/hearing date and will be published on this website. If for any reason that game is rescheduled, it is the responsibility of the accused to notify the office so that a subsequent game can be served instead.

In all cases of alleged referee assault, the accused shall immediately be
suspended from all soccer related activities.

It is the responsibility of all players, coaches, and administrators to read and understand Players Paradise's Discipline Policy.

Discipline Fines & Fee Schedule

Item Fee
Administration Fee for Discipline by Review $50
Administration Fee for Discipline by Hearing $100
Request for Hearing Fee $100
Request for Postponement Fee $100

Discipline Hearing Dates

Infraction Occured Hearing Date
Sept 25 to Oct 11 Oct 20 2016
Oct 12 to Oct 18 Oct 37 2016
Oct 19 to Oct 25 Nov 3 2016
Oct 26 to Nov 1 Nov 10 2016
Nov 2 to Nov 8 Nov 17 2016
Nov 9 to Nov 15 Nov 24 2016
Nov 16 to Nov 22 Dec 1 2016
Nov 23 to Nov 29 Dec 8 2016
Nov 30 to Dec 6 Dec 15 2016
Dec 7 to Dec 21 Jan 12 2017
Jan 8 to Jan 15 Jan 26 2015
Jan 16 to Jan 23 Feb 2 2017
Jan 24 to Jan 31 Feb 9 2017



The Canadian Indoor Turf Facilities Alliance is the first and only organization representing the interests of indoor sports facility owners/operators across Canada.


The Ontario Soccer Association was founded in 1901 and is one of the oldest and largest sport organizations in Canada. The Association is made up of 21 District Offices and several Associate Members namely regional and provincial leagues.

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